Small Change or Major Makeover?

Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly creeping in: it's the perfect time to update your look! Whether you're in the mood for a small change or a big makeover, updating your look is always a great mood booster. Here are a few suggestions to make small or big changes to your style this season!

Change Your Hairstyle While Staying True to Yourself 


Have you had the same haircut for several years? Or are you the type of person who faithfully follows hairstyle trends season after season? No matter your hairstyle habits, fall is the perfect time to try something new!

During the summer, our hair is more often exposed to UV rays and suffers the effects of chlorine when swimming regularly: it is thus normal that our hair looks tired at the end of the summer. Why not bring back its vitality by making an appointment at Jacques Despars hair salon? Whether you want to try out some bangs, a daring cut or a new colour, their hair experts will give you solid advice.

If you'd rather go for a small change: choose a wavy hairstyle, very trendy these days. If you're tempted by a major makeover: why not go platinum blonde or try some bangs? Both styles are very popular this fall. For the more adventurous, consider the mullet, a short front and long back haircut inspired by the 70s and 80s. It's an ultra-trendy look!

And for the gentlemen? A quick trip to TC Salon to freshen up your beard and hair will give you the confidence to start off on the right foot this fall. Looking for hairstyle inspiration? The current trends are vintage-inspired, especially Tommy Shelby's haircut from the hit TV show Peaky Blinders. Feeling a little less daring? Choose a subtler undercut, which is always in style and looks good on everyone.

Adopt the Latest Beauty Trends, Down to Your Fingertips 


Nail polish, successful makeup, and all these other small touches that we do to take care of our appearance don't go unnoticed! They enhance our natural beauty and boost our confidence while complementing an outfit.

The easiest way to take your look to the next level? Get a trendy manicure! For those looking for a big makeover, these are some of the season's most playful styles: neon orange, metallic accents, and wavy patterns inspired by the Emilio Pucci house of fashion. If you prefer a more subdued change, natural pink nails are in this fall. Stylish and timeless! A visit to Centre de beauté Ongles Royal is a must for your fall manicure!

Want to extend this moment of relaxation? In addition to hand care, several other beauty treatments are also available at the Centre de beauté Ongles Royal. You can also take advantage of eyelash extensions, waxing sessions, tanning, teeth whitening and even body and facial treatments. Everything you need to be relaxed and feel beautiful from head to toe!

Renew Your Wardrobe According to Your Moods  

To complement your new beauty makeover, what better way than to adopt the latest fashion trends? And there's no need to spend a fortune to update your wardrobe: often, one key piece is enough! Whether you're looking for a complete outfit for work or for relaxing at home, let the latest trends guide you!

After last year's quiet and sober cuts and colours, fashion is having a blast this fall! Those looking for a great makeover will love to experiment with this season's key colours: powdery pink, almost candy-like, or bright yellow and red. For a smaller change to your wardrobe, go for the softer, but just as trendy fall shades: brown, camel, or rust. A stunning look is guaranteed!

And there's no shortage of fashion retailers to choose from when it comes to the latest trends! Marshalls always makes us fall in love with its vast selection of items for the whole family, and its friendly prices. We also love the Reitmans R Essentials line of ultra-comfortable everyday essentials. Looking for elegant outfits and reimagined classics? We suggest Émotions or Le Grenier: two proudly Quebec-based companies that carry collections designed in Montreal. And for outfits that are as fashionable as they are comfortable, head to Claire France, the very first Quebec company dedicated to plus sizes. As a bonus, they also offer footwear and nightwear. We love it!

The Final Touch to Tie It All Together 

It's often the little details that make all the difference in our outfit. And to complement your new look this fall, there's nothing better than a sparkling piece of jewelry! This valuable fashion accessory can be a gift from a loved one or a little luxury that you give yourself, "from me to me," simply because you deserve it. Either way, you'll be sure to receive many compliments!

Whether you're looking for a watch that's as pretty as it is practical, or a ring adorned with precious stones, you're sure to find your new favourite piece in one of our jewelry stores. Some of them even offer pieces that are made in-house or privately imported. The choice is yours!

Whether you are going for a small change or a major makeover, fall is shaping up beautifully for you!

You’re due for a new look? Head to DUO Laval for All of this… so close by