Our environmental strategy

Life at DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval happens in accordance with our environmental convictions.

All our actions are guided by a concern for sustainability to ensure the preservation of our planet. Our approach is based on 3 pillars: waste management, sustainable mobility’s promotion and energy conservation.

Taking care of the planet means adapting our reflexes.

Sorting and managing waste

From recycling to composting, our facilities simplify responsible waste management for our visitors, tenants and employees.

We have waste stations at the food court and throughout the center promoting the proper sorting of materials, hence maximizing recycling and our restaurants’ team make sure to compost their organic kitchen waste.

An Electrobac is also available at DUO Centre Laval's information kiosk to collect small obsolete electronic devices.

Taking care of the planet means taking action every day.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Located near the Montmorency metro station, DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval encourages its clientele to get to the center by bus, metro and bicycle. Numerous public transit lines will bring you to our doors and all our parking areas are equipped with bike racks. 

Two electric car charging stations are also available for users who need to recharge their vehicle's battery.

Looking after the planet means thinking about tomorrow.

Conserving Energy

Throughout the center, whether in the common areas or the parking lots, we favor LED lighting, a more efficient alternative to conventional lighting. 

We have also installed electric thermostats in all our common areas. In this way, we regulate the temperature to enhance your comfort while reducing our energy consumption.

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