DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval Code Of Conduct

DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval are privately owned by Cominar, and we look forward to welcoming you. To ensure that everyone enjoys a positive shopping experience, our code of conduct must be followed. It’s through the thoughtfulness of every visitor that we can make DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval great places to shop!

Cigarettes and Cannabis

  • The shopping centre is a property that complies with the Tobacco Control Act and the Cannabis Control Act. Smoking or using electronic cigarettes are only permitted in designated outdoor areas.
  • Consumption of cannabis by any means (including smoking or vaping) is not permitted anywhere on the property, inside or outside.

Disruptive Behaviours and Loitering 

  • The shopping centre is a place that must remain pleasant for everyone. No form of harassment or discrimination will be tolerated.
  • To ensure your safety, it is important to walk calmly, without running.
  • The shopping centre is a place to eat and shop. No soliciting, canvassing, or loitering will be accepted.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, balls, and similar sports equipment must be left outside and are not permitted in the centre.

Appropriate Attire 

When visiting the shopping centre, please come fully clothed, including when walking outside the centre. Shoes must be worn at all times (roller skates are not allowed in the centre).

Video Surveillance

To ensure your safety, the shopping centre is equipped with surveillance cameras.


Only recognized service dogs held on a leash are allowed inside the shopping centre. Small dogs in a carrier bag or held in your arms are tolerated.


If you find a lost item, please bring it to the information booth so that its owner can retrieve it.à

DUO Centre Laval and Quartier Laval, two Cominar properties, reserve the right to adjust this code of conduct at any time. 

Thank you for your collaboration and we wish you a pleasant visit!