August 15 to October 29, 2023

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Exhibition on the theme of " Life Journeys "

From August 15 to October 29, we welcome Trajectoires, a visual arts exhibition on the theme of " life journeys ". Rediscover DUO Centre Laval transformed into an atypical art gallery, with over 110 works from a variety of disciplines on display throughout the centre.

Let yourself be guided through the centre through this extraordinary artistic journey. Discover works by contemporary artists expressing their own interpretation of the theme " life journeys ". A variety of artistic disciplines are featured: 3D installation, video, photography, painting, weaving, and more! 

Exhibition Plan

You can visit the exhibition at your own pace by walking around the center, and listening to descriptions of the works on your phone by clicking on the QR codes near each work.

CLICK HERE to discover the different rooms of the exhibition.

Guided tours

 From September 3 to October 29, enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition every Sunday from 11am to 1pm, or from 2pm to 4pm. 

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On Thursday August 24, meet in the central courtyard for the vernissage of the Trajectoires exhibition strating at 5:30 pm. Come and meet the artists, discover the exhibition through the eyes of curator Julian Palma, and participate in the creation of a collective artwork. Keep your evening free!

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Cultural events, artistic performances and family activities will be presented shortly.

Enjoy your visit to the exhibition!

Meet the artists

Diane Dubeau

Diane Dubeau is a visual artist who has worked in the theatrical world for many years as an actor and director. It is the nature of the human being, the depths of our psyche, the emergence of the unconscious and our strategies for responding to the vagaries of life that form the basis of her work. Over the years and through all her experiences, one thing has never changed for her: she believes that art is there to transform us and make us think.

Nora Golic

Nora Golic is a committed artist who focuses on the human figure, mainly in the portrait genre. She is interested in the non-verbal language that the face can convey. She is a museologist, multidisciplinary artist and social worker. With each new creation, Nora updates her mission to provoke reflection and nurture creative exchange in a simple, accessible way.

Sika Valmé

Contemporary Creole-Canadian artist, musician, illustrator and creator of immersive experiences, Sika Valmé was born in Haiti. She moved to Quebec as a teenager, and draws on her Haitian roots to combine traditional rhythms and tempos with production techniques from the modern electro scene. Reflecting his various migrations, his musical and visual creations are timeless narratives inspired by the organic world, geometry and the human experience.

Octavio Rüest

A self-taught, neuroatypical visual artist, Octavio Rüest was born in Montpellier (France) in 1987. He has lived and worked in Montreal since 2003. His work deals with the interconnection between social and environmental issues. He approaches his creative process as a means of reflecting on these universal issues, and uses line drawing as a means of transcribing the sensitive, rough and imperfect character that tinges his subjects.

Kassandra Reynolds

Kassandra Reynolds grew up in Sutton, in the Eastern Townships. A graduate in photography from the Cégep de Matane, she specializes in documentary photography. Loneliness, resilience and the question of identity are some of the themes she explores, and through which she hopes to encourage the emergence of a new way of looking at others and ourselves.

Caroline Guay

Caroline Guay is a visual artist who works mainly in pop art portraiture. Photography is also part of her artistic practice. She is passionate about faces and human nature, and seeks to materialize, express and highlight the emotions generated by each important stage in the life of an individual in search of his or her identity.


Driven by a strong quest for identity, Forteza draws inspiration for her artistic and collaborative approach from her personal migratory trajectory, from Canada to Argentina. Born in Montreal in 1992 to an Argentinian father and a Quebecois mother, her two cultures are an integral part of her way of being in the world, and therefore of creating. Her practice is based on a multidisciplinary approach: theater, photography, writing, audiovisual editing, performance and installation.

Jocelyne Thibault

At the heart of her practice, Jocelyne Thibault reflects on her relationship with time. She is interested in the fine line of friction between the time she dedicates to art and that devoted to the domestic sphere. Through printmaking, sculpture and the artist's book, and in a constantly renewed aesthetic, she explores the three-dimensional possibilities of objects accumulated over specific periods of time.


A true gourmet, avid for culture and sensitive to the details that forge encounters, Christyna first graduated in fashion design and worked in this field for over 10 years. Passionate about world cuisine, she then opened her own restaurant before reorienting her career towards music publishing and digital marketing. Serial entrepreneur, multidisciplinary artist, now a graduate of Collège Marsan and M5 finalist, she combines her many passions through her lens, offering a signature that oscillates between editorial and documentary. The portraitist takes an almost anthropological interest in people, offering a privileged point of view born of the relationship of trust she establishes with the people she photographs.

Félix Hould

Félix Hould is an emerging artist working in Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang (Montreal). Félix Hould is a conceptual and multidisciplinary artist. His practice is mainly self-referential and satirical. He draws on art history and the visual arts milieu to initiate his various projects. His work focuses on the exhibition context and the reappropriation of artworks, which he desacralizes and hijacks in a humorous way.

Luc Melanson

After studying graphic design at UQAM, Luc Melanson devoted himself exclusively to illustration. Over the years, he has developed a style based on strong ideas and humor, with a particular attraction for geometry, which has won him a wide range of clients at home and abroad. His work has won several international awards and distinctions. Visit our central courtyard to see his work, or in front of our information kiosk.

Guy Pierre

A native of Noranda, Guy Pierre is a Quebec sculptor who has been living in Laval for several years. His sculptures are part of private and public collections in many countries, including Japan, the United States and Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. After more than 40 years' experience, Guy still wants to create monumental works that speak to and appeal to a wide audience. Visit the courtyard in front of The Bay to see his work.

Marie-Blanche Rossi

As an emerging visual and interactive artist, Marie-Blanche Rossi's projects and career path enable her to explore singular personalities and life experiences. For her, the traditional book medium, often present in her projects, represents a preferred medium for bringing together several of today's technologies.


Dessaux creates textiles to perpetuate the matriarchal tradition. By appropriating and subverting them, they reflect her feminist reflections. She explores the boundary between the private and domestic sphere and the public space, between inside and outside, between what is visible and hidden, between what is taboo and what is listened to. In this way, Dessaux aims to give textiles back the value they deserve, since their devaluation has been concomitant with that of people identifying themselves as women.

Jessica Chicoine

Artist-jeweler and owner of Atelier Chicoine, Jessica Chicoine combines her love of jewelry with that of textiles to create crocheted jewelry using a variety of materials, including textiles, paper and sterling silver. Tanned of black, she wants to use her work to inspire people to dare and unleash their true color.

Marie Lemieux

For just over 8 years, Marie Lemieux has been drawing, sculpting, embroidering, weaving and creating costumes and ornaments that reflect her need to link the physicality of her being to the intangibility of a dreamlike universe. She is currently pursuing her research and creative activities as part of the Master's program in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM.

Angèle Courville et Philippe-Emmanuel David

Author, composer, performer and musician for 20 years, Angèle Courville criss-crosses territories in search of new musical instruments; environmental sounds that she captures to create unusual soundscapes and musical works. Philippe-Emmanuel David, photographer, sound artist and mediator, has diversified his musical and artistic skills to gain versatility and realize extraordinary creative projects. The two artists travel throughout Quebec to create photographic and sound works, which have been exhibited in Quebec and France since autumn 2022.