Shorten a Pair of Pants or Extend a Package?

A few tips to save by using what we already own

Did you know that with just a few adjustments here and there, you could make your life a lot easier and save a lot of time, money and energy, while preserving the environment? Here are a few simple things you can do that, once integrated into your routine, will make you see your possessions in a whole new light and make you wonder, "Why didn’t I do that before?”

Fix the old to make it new again 

As soon as a sole comes off or a seam breaks, we’re already thinking about the next pair of shoes that will replace the old one. But why not repair rather than replace? Think about it! It makes perfect sense: there’s no need to shop around, to try on a thousand different options, to spend dozens of dollars on a different model that will have to be shaped to fit your feet - all of this, while making sure that it fits perfectly in your wardrobe... Instead, visit a repair shop like Coordonnerie Pied d’Or. For a small fee, an experienced professional can glue a sole back together, enlarge a too-tight size, or even completely refurbish a heel. Good to know: you can also have duplicate keys made.

It is also possible to have your jewelry repaired. To do so, you should rely on professionals rather than the first DIY repairer to fix your most precious pieces. These professionals have the expertise and proper tools to work on even the most expensive jewelry. DUO Centre Laval has several jewelry stores with years of experience in jewelry repair.

For much less than a new purchase, there are many things that can be done around the house: re-upholstering and re-covering a couch, sanding and painting furniture, shampooing carpets... Even small changes like changing cabinet handles or sharpening kitchen knives can make a huge difference. Le Centre du Rasoir, for example, can sharpen and repair your knives quickly and at a ridiculous cost. It’s enough to revolutionize your kitchen habits!

Choose high-quality and custom-made 

Have you ever noticed that even if we have one closet and two dressers full of clothes, we always wear the same pieces? By wearing them, washing them, then wearing them again, they eventually wear out, and we are tempted to buy new pieces that won’t last very long. A never-ending cycle.

On your next shopping trip, step into the more specialized boutiques. You’ll find high-quality pieces with solid construction and timeless design. Although a little more expensive initially, these garments will remain impeccable for years, reducing your clothing expenses over time. Plus, you’ll always feel more comfortable and confident in a piece that fits like a glove. Take the Orya boutique, for example: its specialized offer of dance stockings, tights, tutus and shoes attracts amateur and professional dancers from all over the area. Why? Because the salespeople know their merchandise inside and out, and can therefore perfectly meet the needs of their customers.

Until then, have your clothes adjusted by a professional seamstress. Whether it’s to shorten a pair of pants, widen a waistline, or even alter a cut, De Fil en Aiguille’s nimble fingers will have you feeling like royalty right out of the store. And while you’re at it, bring your fancy jackets and winter coats in for a dry-cleaning.

Customization also applies to telecommunications. With remote work, video calls and Netflix, our reality has changed a lot and the cost can go up quickly. Make sure your cell phone and Internet plans meet your needs, and most importantly, take the time to shop around. Your peace of mind is well worth the few tiresome hours spent online exploring your options. Almost every provider has a store or kiosk at DUO Centre Laval, so don’t hesitate to stop by.

Refilling instead of throwing out 

The zero-waste trend has resulted in a wave of reusable products sold at high prices, whereas the goal of this lifestyle is to reuse what we already have. Why throw away our good old Tupperware and Ziploc dishes to buy new, fancy ones made of bamboo or silicone?

It’s the little things that can truly make a difference: carrying a reusable water bottle or coffee cup, bringing disposable plastic bags to the next grocery shopping trip instead of throwing them in the garbage after one use, buying a few items in bulk instead of their overpackaged versions.

By filling our own containers, we’re not only helping the environment, but we’re also saving our time and energy. Think about it: when you buy a bag of flour, for example, you often have to throw away some of the packaging when you open it, remember to buy more when supplies run low, throw the packaging in the garbage or recycling when it’s completely empty, and then take the garbage or recycling to the curb and do it again. With a reusable jar, you see how much flour is left, and you can take that jar back to the store when it’s time to refill it. This logic can be applied to several everyday products, such as ink cartridges. In fact, many computer stores now offer reusable cartridges and refills. Whether you have a laser or inkjet printer, there is a reusable cartridge for your model. Ask the King Ink Jet team!

An ounce of prevention…  

This old saying is especially true when it comes to our health. It is vital to seek medical attention at the first sign of pain, a suspicious rash, or discomfort of any kind. After all, it is easier and more cost-effective to treat emerging myopia than to be diagnosed with macular degeneration glaucoma. If any doubt arises, the opticians at and Greiche & Scaff can perform the necessary tests to reassure you and treat any vision problem. In fact, what better time than the last few weeks before school starts to have your children’s eyes examined? If they need glasses, they will have several days to get used to their new pair, both in terms of vision and lifestyle habits.

The same can be said about your dental health: any pain or abnormality, no matter how minor, can be a sign of a more serious problem. So don’t be caught off guard, and make an appointment at Centre Dentaire M. Harmony. Even a simple checkup can save you a lot of discomfort and costly treatments. 

The savings are just around the corner! 

All of this… so close by!