Do you Love Camping, or are More the Staycation Type? Enjoy Your Best vacation, in Nature or at Home.

The summer of 2021 is shaping up to be a period of optimism and reunion. After the ups and downs of the past year, we want to fully enjoy the beautiful summer weather and make the most of every moment with our loved ones. Whether you’re the type of person who wants to explore the province on a camping trip, or if you’d rather laze around on your own sunny terrace, there are plenty of ways to spend some quality time this summer. Here are our suggestions for making the most of your summer vacation!

If you’re the camping type…


There are an increasing number of camping lovers in the province, and that’s great news! Since there are so many places to pitch a tent, start your search by first deciding on the type of accommodations you want. From wilderness camping to yurt glamping, there is something for everyone! Just consider the interests and abilities of all campers participating in your adventure to avoid some unpleasant surprises upon your arrival. Besides, make sure to check the condition of your equipment before leaving. If some items need to be updated, a quick trip to Decathlon is a must to stock up on essentials at low prices.  And above all: don’t forget the bug repellent! Here are some ideas to enhance your camping vacation and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Become an astronomer at nightfall

One of the best features of camping is the opportunity to observe the stars. The Perseid shower, in mid-August, is particularly impressive with its abundance of shooting stars. If campers in your group have discovered a passion for astronomy, plan a visit to the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic; the giant observatory, the explanations of specialists and the various educational activities will fascinate young and old.

In order to be well equipped to observe the stars while camping, get a star finder; this small round card will show you the constellations in your field of vision according to the time of the year. Get yours at Renaud-Bray to discover the sky and its countless stars!

Try out water sports 

One of our province’s greatest treasures is without a doubt its multitude of lakes and rivers. If you are a fan of water sports such as kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding (SUP), you will probably have already chosen a campsite where you can practise your favourite sport! For those who are new to these sports, visit a place that offers equipment rentals and lessons so you can safely go on your adventure.

To capture your first paddle strokes, consider getting a camera that you can bring with you everywhere, even on the water. The latest GoPro models, available at Best Buy, are particularly popular with sports enthusiasts because of their ultra-compact size and water resistance. A must-have for water sports! 

Go hiking, rain or shine

Despite our best thought-out vacation plans, Mother Nature may not be on board. But don’t let your camping plans fall through! Although it may seem contradictory, hiking in the rain is a real treat for all the senses. Imagine: the smell of rain, the symphony of water drops on the leaves, and small rodents running for cover. Of course, to enjoy your stay in spite of the weather, you’ll need the right gear. With the right equipment and a positive attitude, anything is possible!

Choose waterproof hiking boots or shoes, merino wool clothing (which wicks moisture while staying warm) and a good raincoat, ideally in a breathable material if you are exercising. Head to L’Équipeur to stock up on all your hiking essentials. You’ll be ready to face the rain!


If you’d rather enjoy a staycation…

There’s no need to go far this summer to enjoy the sun and relax. Direction: the deck! A few simple improvements will take your outdoor space from "meh" to "wow!" Follow our tips to transform your deck into your favourite room this summer. Because the best place to relax is right behind your house!

Set up the coolest bar in town 


The key to getting the most out of summer is to be aware of UV rays and to stay hydrated. Fortunately, the drink options, alcoholic or not, are endless: lemonade, rosé wine, gin and tonic, or even a freshly squeezed juice! In fact, why not set up a bar area on the deck this summer? Use your creativity to transform your outdoor space in a few simple steps. All you need is a few wooden crates or a shelf, a cooler filled with ice cubes, some cold drinks, some pretty decorations to set the mood, and you’re done!

If you want to decorate your deck area at low prices while keeping up with the latest trends, Homesense is the place to go. You can even find outdoor furniture to enhance your patio! And to top it all off, pick up some plastic tumblers from Stokes’ wide selection. No mess, no stress!

Create your own peaceful oasis


Lounging on the deck is like a peaceful oasis! There is nothing more pleasant than feeling the sun on your skin and a light breeze in your hair. Whether it’s for reading, meditating, or simply sunbathing, your deck is sure to become your favourite place to relax this summer.

If your outdoor space allows it, why not install a hammock to read in peace or take a nap in the shade? Decathlon offers pretty models at affordable prices. Take out the sunscreen and sunglasses, and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation!

Add some greenery to your urban spot 


Who says you can’t bring nature into the city? Beautifying your deck area with plants, flowers or a small vegetable garden will bring a little freshness during the heat waves. Install a few flower pots for a fragrant and colourful touch, as well as a small container of seedlings in a sunny spot. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be yours, all summer long!

Whether you have a green thumb or you’re just starting out, a visit to Lee Valley is a must to stock up on gardening accessories. We love their vast selection of seeding tools and accessories. Let’s go gardening!

We wish you great relaxing summer!  

All of this… so close by!