Santa's Magic Forest

Starting on Thursday, December 1st, come meet Santa in his magical forest at DUO Centre Laval! It’s a delightful opportunity to share your family traditions with the little ones, for a memorable Christmas like they used to be!  

Several time slots are available to meet Santa between Thursday, December 1st and Saturday, December 24. Simply book the time slot of your choice. Come to the king-dom a 10 minutes before your meeting time to take family photos with Santa.

A professional photographer will be on site to capture the moment and print your pictures. After their meeting, each child will receive a gift.

Happy Holidays!

Do you have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions:

Do I absolutely need to make a reservation to meet Santa Claus? 

We strongly recommend you make a reservation in advance to make your visit with Santa Claus easier. You can also go directly to your centre and ask Santa’s elves to book a place among those available. 

How do we know Santa Claus’ availability?

By going to the appointment platform and making a reservation, you will be able to see Santa Claus’ availabilities. You can then select the date and time that suits you. However, please know that places are limited and that we cannot guarantee the availability of the timeslot you want. We may also close the kingdom without notice in the event of force majeure. If such is the case, please be assured that you will receive an email stating that your appointment had to be cancelled. 

Are appointments only offered per family ? 

In fact, meetings with Santa Claus are available for families only. You will need to register your children individually and then choose to book a family meeting when making the appointment. Please note, however, that the duration of the appointment is the same for everyone, even if there are several children at the same time slot. Allow 5 minutes per family.

Is it possible to meet a Santa who speaks English? 

The reservation platform is available in French and in English. If you would like your child to be able to chat with a Santa Claus who speaks English, please check with the selected shopping centre to see if the service is offered in both languages.

Will we receive a message to remind us of the time of our appointment? 

The elves have everything planned to make sure you don't miss your date with Santa Claus! They will send you, 24 hours before your appointment, an email and an SMS message to remind you of the date and time of this magical moment. What should we do if we can’t make it to our appointment? If you can’t make it to your appointment, you will need to cancel it by clicking on “My appointments/Cancel my appointment”. You can then simply make a new appointment for your child.

What should we do if we can’t make it to our appointment?

 If you can’t make it to your appointment, you will need to cancel it by clicking on “My appointments/Cancel my appointment”. You can then simply make a new appointment for your child. 

Is the live meeting with Santa Claus free? 

Yes, the live meeting with Santa Claus at your shopping centre is offered free of charge. If you want to keep this spontaneous and magical moment as a souvenir, you can purchase the photos taken by a profesionnal photographer. The list of prices will be on site and you will receive your pictures at the same time of your visit. 

Can our child ask Santa Claus questions? 

Each meeting with Santa Claus will be personalized. Your child will be invited to speak with Santa Claus by videoconference, live from the Pole North. The discussion will be spontaneous and will last for about 3 minutes. 

Will our child receive a gift when meeting Santa Claus? 

Santa Claus has planned a surprise for each child who will come to the kingdom. The elves will make sure to give it to him, as a souvenir, after their meeting.

The reservation platforms redirects me to another shopping center. What should I do?

We invite you to write to: asking them to transfer you from malls so that your account is associated with the mall you want to visit this year.

How old must our child be to be eligible for a meeting with Santa Claus? 

There is no age requirement to meet Santa Claus, all children who believe in Santa Claus are welcome! 

Can my child meet Santa Claus a second time? 

Yes, your child can meet Santa Claus twice. Don’t hesitate to make a new appointment with Santa once your first meeting has passed.