Phenomena - DUO
Enjoy Phenomena’s immersive experiences

Phenomena’s exclusive virtual reality tour, propelled by Cominar, is coming to DUO Centre Laval for a limited time only!

Starting today transcend the boundaries between the physical and digital realms by enjoying experiences created by Phenomena, a Montreal-based virtual reality company.

Enjoy never-before-seen entertainment experiences by immersing yourself in three entirely different worlds.

Horos – $8.98

Embark on a journey between the Earth, the sea and outer space with your guide. Explore the worlds of Horos and start an adventure in which you are the hero! You can freely move throughout the virtual worlds—but be careful! You may have to solve some riddles to venture back into the real world!

Enter the Duat – $7.98

Travel to the heart of ancient Egypt and become a part of the night battles between Râ, the god of the sun, and Apep, the god of chaos. If you win, you will bring back light to the people of Egypt. If you lose, the kingdom will be plunged into eternal chaos with dark spirits lurking at every corner!

Time Machine VR – $5.98

Travel back in time and explore the Jurassic era and its creatures that ruled prehistoric oceans. During your journey, you’ll uncover the mysteries of the past and reveal the link between a prehistoric virus, the end of the last Ice Age and a modern epidemic that threatens to exterminate the entire human race.

Would you like to try these three experiences from Phenomena? Buy a children’s package for $18.99 or an adult’s package for only $23.99.

Phenomena’s opening hours

Temporary closure.