What Style of Loungewear Are You?

The loungewear trend is here to stay! The comfort we experienced during lockdown is now part of our lives. As this trend is reinvented and interpreted in different stores, we’ve prepared a little test to help you identify your favourite loungewear style! Grab your pencil... let’s go!

What is on your desk at the moment? ​

🔹 Yesterday’s water bottle sits on a pile of papers.  

⚪The bare minimum: my computer, a pen, a notebook and my coffee cup.

🔺 A plant and pictures of my family.

How would you describe your beauty regimen?

🔹 Fresh water, a bar of soap and fragrance-free moisturizer.

⚪ A dermatologist-recommended skin cleanser, corrective serums, regenerating fluids, and hydrating masks 2-3 times per week.

🔺 I love my LED mask! It’s part of my 12-step daily care routine.

What is your favourite type of coffee?

🔹 I only drink tea!

🔺 I love discovering new third wave coffee brands. I’ve developed a complete technique for getting the most out of my precious fair trade coffee beans grown around the world.

⚪ A simple black coffee does the trick for me!

Which colours can be found in your wardrobe?

🔹 I stick to a fairly monochromatic palette; this allows me to easily mix and match the different pieces in my wardrobe.

🔺 Every colour in the rainbow! I love creating new outfits by mixing prints to different colours.  

⚪ I wear mostly black to suit every occasion! 

How would you describe your life’s soundtrack?

🔹 I love the classics with a bit of nostalgia thrown in. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Queen day after day.

⚪ I dance to Lizzo and Harry Styles every day. High-energy pop music is the best way to have a great time!   

🔺 Pitchfork is my best advisor – I love discovering new indie artists.  

How important is exercise in your life?

🔺 My yoga mat gets a lot of mileage!  

⚪Whether it’s through team sports or at the gym, I stay active regularly to feel good.  

🔹 Does walking count?

Your partner has planned a romantic evening for you. What would make you the happiest?

⚪ Watching a movie at the theatre, followed by a delicious dinner where we would discuss the movie we’ve just seen.

🔺 An adventure where we can discover something new together. Indoor surfing, a visit at an art gallery, a cooking class… I’m open to all possibilities!

🔹 A movie night with takeout at home, wrapped under cozy blankets with a glass of wine. There’s nothing like relaxing in my own living room!

You’re planning your next trip – which destination are you dreaming of?

🔺 A large, eclectic city like Dubai, Buenos Aires or Tokyo.

⚪ To the beach we go! Any beach will do, as long as I can set my umbrella, my sunscreen and my book, and relax with the sound of ocean waves.

🔹 I would prefer staying in Quebec and do local visits.


You answered most 🔹 : Total Longewear

Life doesn’t have to be complicated! You prefer a relaxed lifestyle. Your décor and wardrobe reflect your life: simple and comfortable. Your best loungewear trend includes fleece pants, hair scrunchies, and soft, plush throws on the couch. To hell with the ironed blouses!

You answered most ⚪ : Formal Loungewear

Your productivity shines through and you like to do things right. Your daily attire combines the best of loungewear and formal wear; loose-fitting jackets, soft blouses, and elastic waistband trousers are perfect for you! Organized and optimized for everyday life, your best decor combines neutral hues with natural materials.

You answered most 🔺 : Elegant Loungewear

Trendy and ambitious, you create trends rather than follow them! Whether you go more relaxed or dressier, you’re all about elegant loungewear. You love to combine casual ensembles with stylish fine knits and locally made jewelry. The key to your vibe at home? Soft candlelight and handmade decor items.