Valentine's Day Express Guide

Running at the last minute? Want to surprise your loved one? We have the best tips to help you celebrate Valentine's Day with your beloved. Check out our Express Guide to see life through rose-colored glasses!

What to Do — Live from Your Living Room

Do you remember the era of mixtapes on cassettes? Or teenage movies where characters exchange their most-liked music picks? Take inspiration from these memories and have a Playlist Night with your favourite person. The concept is simple but will allow you to spend a sweet moment of exchange and discovery. Take turns presenting and playing a song that has impacted you to each other. Pay attention and share confidences that promote intimacy. You could also listen to songs holding a special meaning for your relationship and make your own mixtape!

Not a big fan of music? Take a moment to recall the recent years and map out the timeline of your relationship. While the most creative ones can draw their timeline, the more rational ones can jot it down in a notebook. To further your trip down memory lane, bring out your favourite old photos and have fun recreating the scenes as faithfully as possible. And to continue creating beautiful memories, prepare for the future with a date night jar for the year.

Another sure way to brighten up the night is to have a chocolate hunt. Hide truffles throughout the house and offer loving words with each treat found or when they're all collected. Remember to note how many you've hidden and where to avoid ending up with melted chocolate everywhere! Keep in mind Valentine's Day is also an opportunity to be a little naughty... feel free to imagine a more daring chocolate hunt!

What to Give — DIY Gift Ideas

No need to take up crochet; a small gesture like a love note or a meaningful framed photo can make a great gift. You could also create a poster with the geographical coordinates of different places that marked your relationship. For example, where you met, had your first date, where your children were born (or conceived), etc.

Another gift idea is the "favorite colour" themed basket. Gather your sweetheart's favorite snacks and drinks in a large basket. Add items that remind you of them and practical gifts that simplify life, like a charger, magic gloves, or hair ties. The catch? All items in the basket must be in their favourite colour!

Otherwise, grab a pencil and some paper to design custom gift coupons based on your loved one's love languages.

Love Languages

Gift Coupons for

Words of Affirmation

  • A poem
  • A shower of compliments
  • A session of sweet words

Quality Time

  • A weekend gateway
  • An outdoor walk
  • An afternoon spent together


  • A gift worth $15
  • A gift worth $30
  • A gift worth $50

Services Rendered

  • A gas tank filling
  • A breakfast in bed
  •  A tedious chore (like cleaning the oven)

Physical Touch

  • A foot massage
  • A 15-minute cuddle
  • A bath for two

What to Eat — Tasty Cuisine, at Home

And because Valentine's Day evening wouldn't be complete without a great culinary plan, we have some ideas for you. The motto of the night: share! Prepare a charcuterie and cheese platter to enjoy in the living room with a nice glass of wine or a tapas menu with different items to appreciate together. Complete the meal with a dessert for two, and consider incorporating aphrodisiac foods into your menu: seafood, asparagus, ginger... and celery! If the classic fondue appeals to you, but you'd like to try something different, we recommend trying shabu shabu; a type of Japanese fondue worth discovering.

Finally, for those who love the cheesy side of Valentine's Day, anything goes! Use heart-shaped cutters to cut the bread, red food coloring in dishes, pretty heart-shaped coulis on plates, and lace paper doilies on the table.

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