Eight Ways to Spread Love Around Us This Valentine’s Day

We often think of February 14 as a lovers’ holiday – synonym of chocolate, flowers, and sweet nothings between lovers. But Love, with a capital L, is not the only feeling worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day… there are other types of love that deserve to be highlighted. Love can take many forms and is present all around us, even in the smallest details of our daily lives. Love can also be found in the compassion from friends who comfort us. It is the moments of playing and cuddling with our pets, or a co-worker who gives us a helping hand when we think we can’t manage things on our own.

At a time when we need to take care of ourselves and others more than ever, why not take advantage of this holiday to extend small gestures of care to those around us? Here are 8 ways to spread love to those around us.

1. Love Yourself First

Taking some time out just for yourself, to do what you enjoy, is not at all selfish! It’s even essential to recharge your batteries once in a while. This Valentine’s Day, take a moment alone to take care and spoil yourself a little, simply because you deserve it! In need of inspiration? Plan a relaxing evening: order take-out from your favourite restaurant and watch a feel-good movie before ending the evening in a luxurious, ultra-relaxing bubble bath.

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2. Celebrating in Our Love Nest

With everyone working from home, the pandemic may have put a damper on your relationship. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to break out of the routine and celebrate the wonder of your relationship with a little extravagance. Why not throw yourself a fancy party, but... at home? Drop your loungewear, dress up, put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, and order yourself a gourmet dinner fit for royalty. Don’t forget to take some photos to capture this sweet moment.

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3. Cuddling With Our Little Ones

In your family, affection is something that is experienced on a daily basis, even in the smallest gestures. To delight your toddlers and school-age children, why not make Valentine’s Day a big love fest? Help the little ones make decorations such as garlands or greeting cards to decorate the house. You can add sweet messages and compliments for each member of the family. To make the day even more festive, prepare red snacks and, of course, don’t hesitate to offer hugs!

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4. Showing Appreciation to Our Friends

Our friends are so precious... they are there for us in good times and bad. This Valentine’s Day, take the time to celebrate your friendships. This is the perfect occasion to write a nice message to each of your friends, thanking them for their support, their willingness to listen, or their morale-boosting humour. Mention how their presence has a positive impact on your life. Add photos you’ve taken together and funny anecdotes to your message and you’re done. You’ll make people happy, guaranteed!

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5. Getting Closer to Those Who Loved Us First

Ah, the unconditional love of parents and grandparents is so sweet and precious! They have taken care of you since day one and have watched you grow and mature all this time. Why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day to show them that you are thinking of them? Express your appreciation and love by collecting the photos you have with them, then send them the photo album with a loving message. They’ll be delighted to reminisce with you about all those wonderful memories

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6. Thanking Those Who Share Our Daily Life

Working from home has taught us to collaborate differently with our colleagues and they have become like a second family. This Valentine’s Day, let them know how much you appreciate their support and consideration. Why not send them a voucher that can be exchanged at a time of their choosing for a homemade lunch or a dinner at a restaurant? This kind of small gesture is always greatly appreciated! If your work situation allows it, offer your favourite colleagues a delicious homemade snack, or a pretty plant to decorate their office.

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7. Spoiling Our Fur Babies

Our four-legged companions stay at our side, without judgment, through the best and worst of times. Lately, they too have often attended our many video meetings and have had to adapt to our more frequent presence at home. That’s not always easy! This Valentine’s Day, spoil them with a favourite treat or a new toy they’ll love. Kisses guaranteed!

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8. Giving Love to Those Who Need It Most

If your situation allows it, why not spread some love outside your network, with those in need? Whether your heart goes out to animals in shelters, seniors living alone, or families in need, there are so many people and significant causes that could use a little support and love. If you want to give a helping hand, you can donate to an organization that you care about, take extra food to community kitchens, or offer a few hours of your time by volunteering. Giving is so rewarding. What a great way to spread the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!