3 Back-to-School Resolutions

Back to school is just around the corner! We're slowly getting ready to return to a normal schedule... let's take a deep breath and adopt the three resolutions below to get us through September in complete serenity.

1. Combine Business and Pleasure

Start with THE back-to-school essential - the planner! Choose a large calendar, or even a paper diary, to use as a family planner. Hang it up in the kitchen, set up a colour code, and decorate it with a few stickers. As time goes by, you can write down birthdays, activities, and other important dates to keep an overview of everything that's going on in the household. This will help the little ones become more aware of other members of the family and their schedules, and avoid having to purchase a gift at the very last minute!

Before classes start, take the time to put your desk and the children's work areas in order. Not sure where to start? We've got a method for you right here! Once you've cleaned up, you can spruce up the room with colourful stationery, a modern lamp, or a touch of fancy tech like a charging mat for your small devices. Now's the time to create a personal setting to promote a productive homework period!

2. Take Care of the Planet

It feels good to take care of our environment! And that goes right down to our school lunchboxes. Choose bamboo or silicone containers, and cotton lunch bags; try out beeswax wrapping for sandwiches, and a reusable wheat straw cup for those morning coffees on the go. These alternative materials are all easy to clean, more eco-responsible than plastic, lighter than glass which can be awkward to carry around, and generally as cute as anything!

To limit food waste and enjoy peace of mind, plan your meals and snacks. Planning your menus will help you reuse what would otherwise become kitchen waste (your potato skins can make excellent homemade potato chips); and schedule meal prep afternoons over the weekend to reduce cooking chores throughout the week. This will give you a break in the evenings. And don't forget to include one or two vegan recipes in your meal plan to reduce your meat consumption and limit the harmful environmental effects of meat production. It doesn't have to be complicated... Start with a twist on well-known classics, like this shepherd's pie and this one-pot lasagna casserole!

3. Love Your Budget

The back-to-school period can quickly become quite expensive. To limit unnecessary spending, sort through your old school supplies and clothes you have at home before topping up with basics and allocating a budget for a treat. New headphones, a set of fancy pens, or a pair of trendy shoes, for example, will go a long way. Remember to involve the kids in the process, and let the older ones manage their budget on their own.

Finally, keep a reminder to start thinking about Christmas budgets a few weeks after the start of the school year... yep, that’s going to come fast!

Pour vous préparer à la rentrée, venez à la rencontre de nos employés et de nos détaillants. Ils sont là pour vous accompagner!

Back-to-School Suggestions

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